Presidential helicopter worker busted for drugs

A Port St. Lucie man who works on the presidential fleet of helicopters for Sikorsky Aircraft was arrested on drug charges Wednesday after calling police to report that three masked men had invaded his home.

Cody Haynes, 30, contacted 911 and stated that three armed subjects entered his home and that he was able to escape with a child. However, he said that his girlfriend was being held captive by the masked gunmen.

When police arrived and searched the home, they found the front door open and no signs of struggle or missing items.

A room-by-room search of the home yielded no masked suspects. What police did find, however, landed Haynes in jail.

Inside the master bedroom, officers found a metal lockbox that contained glass pipes, drug paraphernalia and a small bag that contained a white substance, which tested positive for methamphetamines.

When police asked Haynes to retrieve his girlfriend's phone number, they observed that when he unlocked his phone a website explaining the effects of hallucination was on the screen.

Both Haynes' girlfriend and father, who lives nearby, told police that he is employed as a helicopter mechanic with Sikorsky Aircraft in Maryland and comes home to Port St. Lucie when he can.

Both his girlfriend and father said Haynes maintains a top-secret security clearance due to his work with the presidential helicopter fleet and had no prior criminal charges.

The girlfriend admitted she knew that Haynes used methamphetamine and kept it locked in a box inside the master bedroom's linen closet so their child could not access it.

Officers determined that Haynes' claim about the masked intruders was unfounded and arrested him on charges of drug possession and child neglect without great bodily harm.