Homeless man helps Chiefs player make it to playoff game

Homeless man helps Chiefs player make it to playoff game

Kansas City, MO (KSHB/CNN) - A Kansas City Chiefs player got stuck in the snow just before the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts Saturday.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan helped him get to the game in time.

Dave Cochran, who is reportedly homeless, said he was driving down the highway when he noticed a few cars stuck on the side of the road.

"I was driving down 40 highway and I seen a couple cars stuck. I pulled one guy up out of there right before that, then I see this other car just stuck on the side of the road, so I told my old lady, I was like, we gotta help him," said Cochran.

The stuck traveler turned out to be Chiefs player Jeff Allen.

“After I got done helping him, he told me he was a Chiefs player,” Cochran told local media. “I didn’t look at him as no Chiefs player. I just looked at him as a normal person. I would hope that he’d do the same for me as I did for him.”

Allen went to Twitter, asking his 21,000-plus followers to help him find the Good Samaritan who helped pull his car out of the snow.

Although Cochran says it’s a “natural habit” for him to help people and he doesn’t expect anything in return, his random act of kindness earned him a trip to the AFC championship game on Sunday.

And he has never been to a Chiefs game.

“It’s like a dream come true. I seen the message this morning, man, and I ain’t going to fake with you, call me soft if you want to homeboys, but I started bawling. I started bawling, for real, I did. Just to know he is a man of his word and he reached out to contact me,” said Cochran.

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