'Bling' is back! Massive party returns for third year

By Lindsay Cohen


RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Spring Bling is coming back to Singer Island!

Update, WED 10 PM: The city council members voted unanimously to bring the party back for another year.

For the past two years, the city of Riviera Beach has hosted "Spring Bling": It is a massive, two-day production put on by the Black Entertainment Network.

It's set for March 28 and 29 of 2010.

Previoulsy: Music, massive crowds and millions of dollars in revenue.

It was enough for Riviera Beach to go for round three, inviting "Spring Bling" back to the city's beach for a third year this March. But the massive, two-day event didn't look like it was going to happen -- until now.

"[It's] great beach promotion for visitors to come and see us here. We want that kind of marketing in the world," said Chuck Elderd, with the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission, which has been pushing to bring Bling back.

The TV shoot and production, put on by Black Entertainment Television, has called Riviera Beach home for the past two years, but its future locally appeared as though it might be in jeopardy. City leaders extended an invitation six months ago to BET to have the network return but didn't hear back until earlier this month.

The city is set to vote on a tentative agreement Wednesday night to bring Bling back. If the show is given the go-ahead, shooting would start on March 28.

County leaders say the production would mean good exposure -- and an economic boost -- for the area.

"You're bringing in several thousand extras who fly in on their own, stay in the hotels, eating and entertaining themselves while they're here," Elderd added, "so it's a very valuable economic impact to Riviera Beach and the surrounding communities."