Alex Barton encouraging fellow autistic children

By Al Pefley bio | email

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL  (WFLX) - An update involving a Port St. Lucie youngster who was voted out of his kindergarten class by his classmates last spring.

Alex Barton, who's now 6, is sending out tie-dye T-shirts with his name on them to other autistic children around the U.S., and in other countries. It's a little project that Alex's mom came up with to lift the spirits of autistic children who've never met each other, but share a common bond.

She hopes each child who gets a shirt will make  five tie-dye shirts and send them to five other autistic kids, and in that way, it will generate positive feelings on the part of many, many autistic children and help them feel encouraged.

"It hit me to go ahead and have him make these shirts and send them out to autistic children and just form a chain, you know. A chain of unity and to show how we feel about each other. And that we're here to stand firm for each other and protect each others' rights," said Melissa Barton,  Alex's mother.

Alex is now being home-schooled, and his former kindergarten teacher Wendy Portillo got a one-year suspension because of the incident in which she allowed the kids to vote him out of their class.  Portillo is appealing that suspension.