Sell your hair for cash

By Kara Kostanich bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - Tough financial times call for cutting corners. Despite the troubled economy, the business of selling hair continues to boom.

For one major cut, users can add thousands in the bank.

The pile of hair on Amy Gordineer's head is nothing compared to her pile of bills! "My hours have been cut, and times are hard, and my husband hasn't been working."

She says, she's tried to cut corners; however, "When you get used to having cable there and a dvr to record programs, it's hard to give that up".

So, what is she willing to cut? "My hair! It's about 22 inches long." And people are willing to pay for it. is an online filament finder where men and women are getting top dollar for the hair off the top of their head.

And business is booming. In fact, it's up 40 percent in the last four months. Amy is among more than 7,000 sellers. "I don't use any kind of products in my hair. I'm kind of a natural girl."

Her follicles can fetch a high figure because her hair has never been dyed or permed. Nonsmokers also can demand more money. The highest seller to date made off with $2,600.

Amy says she won't hold out for that much. After all, "I just want to pay some bills!" But adds, in a tight economy, "There are people willing to pay thousands for hair".

Letting her hair down is about to help her balance her budget. "If it's going past my shoulders, it's gotta be at least $500."