Women in chains for Jonas Brothers tickets

By Rachel Leigh bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - For the first time in five days, Minette, Janice, Kit and Jason are free. The three women chained themselves to Jason from the Wild Morning Show for their chance to win front row seats to the Jonas Brothers concert.

Update, FRI 8:15 AM: On Thursday, Janice was voted off. She was set free, but in a unique twist, the Wild Morning Show brought her back to pick the winner. Would she pick Kit or Minette?

After much consideration and little sleep, Janice picked Kit to win the tickets. But Janice and Minette won't walk alway empty handed. They both receive a pair of tickets to the concert at the BankAtlantic Center in August, as well.

These three women deserve the 'mom of the year' award as they will all be giving their tickets to their daughters.

Previously: Just a few days ago, Minette McCray, Janice Cahill and Kit Marlowe were complete strangers, but that's all changed.

"Now, you go to sleep with them, go to the bathroom in front of them and change," described Kit.

It's the latest 95.5 Wild Morning Show contest.

The challenge: be chained to 95.5's Jason for five days.

The prize: two front row seats to see the Jonas Brothers at the BankAtlantic in August - tickets worth gold to their daughters. "I have four daughters," said Minette.

On Friday all will be released and free to go about their own lives, but no one can deny the friendships created this past week. "We've already exchanged numbers and made plans," Janice said.

So who will win the Jonas Brothers' tickets? The big announcement comes Friday morning. You can listen live on 95.5 FM or online at WildMorningShow.com.