City Could Soon Add Red-Light Runner Cameras

By Al Pefley  email

West Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

Worried that the problem is only going to get worse, police say something has to be done about nabbing red-light runners.

"We think that a lot of people are running red lights. We don't have the personnel especially in today's budget situation to monitor them all the time," said Assistant West Palm Beach Police Chief Dennis Crispo.   City commissioners are considering a contract with an outside firm that will install and maintain the cameras and send out tickets to violators. The fine is $125.

West Palm Beach Police have identified ten intersections with the highest number of accidents.

Those intersections, such as 45th and Congress, will get cameras to videotape drivers who race through when the light changes to red.

Drivers will get a ticket in the mail, and will have to pay a fine.

They can even go to a website and see video of their car running a red light, if they don't recall the incident or want to make sure the city really does have them on camera.

Motorists we talked with say they don't have a problem with the plan to install red-light runner cameras.

"In south Florida, they gun it and run it instead of trying to stop.   Absolutely. I think it's a great idea," said Mike Lewis, motorist.

"I do think that running red lights is very dangerous. So I think probably the city has a right to do that if it is a real safety problem for the citizens," said Anne Pepper, another motorist.   Crispo says the cameras will be installed in about three months.