Speak Up for Kids of the Palm Beaches

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - In difficult financial times as the unemployment rate steadily increases - (President Obama reporting same in his national economic address April 14, 2009) - domestic violence is on the rise, and with it child abuse and neglect.

Speak Up for Kids of the Palm Beaches Inc. is a new non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to attaining resources and advocacy for the youngest victims of abuse and neglect in our community, the kids in the Juvenile Dependency System.  The first line of business with any new organization is a logo - a visual representation of the work at hand.  At one of the board's earliest meetings the idea arose to draw from young local talent within the community for the Speak Up for Kids' logo.  Dreyfoos School of the Arts was the ideal resource and Digital Arts educator Francisco Carrera, IDSA was willing and eager to meet the challenge alongside his 16 Freshmen art students.

In teams of two, young artists were given parameters into which their design had to fit. - Black & White to be printed clearly on color, Outlined, Easily Scaled Small to Large and Communicates the Mission of the Organization.  Each team will present their design at the event prior to LIVE Public, Celebrity Judge and Board of Directors voting.  ALL are invited to come view the logo designs and cast their vote this Wednesday evening 5:30 - 7:30pm at the Armory Arts Center 1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach.

150+ attendees expected including Dreyfoos School of the Arts students and families, members of the 15th Judicial Circuit Courts, Guardian Ad Litem volunteer advocates and Speak Up for Kids of the Palm Beaches, Inc friends.  The law firm of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is underwriting the space for the event and prizes for the Winning Logo and Runner-Up Design teams.

Of the 1700 reported cases of abused and neglected children in our community presently 40% (nearly 700 children) are without a GAL or anyone to investigate, understand and speak up for their best interest in the Juvenile Dependency System.

About Speak Up for Kids of the Palm Beaches, Inc.

Speak Up for Kids of the Palm Beaches Inc. is dedicated exclusively to increasing awareness and attaining resources for the Guardian Ad Litem of the 15th Judicial Circuit.  GAL trains volunteers to become advocates and speak up in the best interest of the youngest and most innocent victims of abuse and neglect.  By supporting GAL in Palm Beach County more staff and thus MANY more children can be helped (1 GAL Staff = 100 Child Cases).  Federal and State resources for Guardian Ad Litem have steadily been cut while the number of children entering the Juvenile Dependency System aggressively increases in light of high stress, difficult economic times.  To learn more about helping or volunteering, contact Guardian Ad Litem in the Palm Beach County Courthouse - 561.355.2773 or go to www.galpbc.org.