Thunder from Down Under shakes up Seminole Casino

By Rachel Leigh bio | email

COCONUT CREEK, FL (WFLX) - You don't have to go down under to experience the thunder. That's because Australia's hottest export has just arrived in Coconut Creek.

Fresh off the plane from Asia, these six blokes are living every guy's fantasy and making every girl's come true. "We meet all the girls after the show," said show performer Denham.

The show: Thunder from Down Under.
The men: Direct from Australia.
The performance: Not your average strip show.

"It's fully choreographed. We put a lot of time and a lot of years into it. A lot of the girls come to the show expecting the clique kind of stripper thing, and they go. 'Wow, it's a lot different than what I thought it would be,'" said Clint, one of the performers.

But what do their mothers think? "My mother's seen the show. My grandfather actually came to show. He was the most popular guy there. My sister, everyone, they think it's great because it is such a high quality, classy show. They're really proud for me to be in it."

And what parent isn't proud of a child who's completely dedicated to their job. In fact, all the boys are single saying they're married to the job.

Maybe they'll find love once they trade in their night job for a day job?

Some have similar future plans while others have very different ideas in mind.

Clint: "Surfing probably somewhere on a deserted island, Indonesia maybe?"

Benny: "I want an island job, as well. Serving drinks on an island.

Sammy: "I'll go back to the farm. I like being around all the animals, and I just like being away from everyone."

Shannon: "Well, I like tropical places, as well. I think I'd have to do some scuba instructing or diving. I think that would be great."

Denham: "Well, actually, I finished college last year before I joined the group. I'm an engineer by trade, so I'll go back to the office."

Leigh: "I'll be snowboarding. I want to be snowboard instructor. I want to open my own dance school back home, but that can be in the later future. But snowboarding is my new thing now. I'm addicted."

But, for now, they're pretty content. "It's a luxury to have the best job in the world," summed up Benny.