Detectives say they've busted giant fencing operation

By Chuck Weber email

HAVERHILL, FL (WFLX)-Palm Beach County Sheriff's detectives say shoplifters and burglary suspects led them to a local man, who was running a giant fencing operation at his home in Haverhill. Detectives arrested 46-year old Juan Pedro Noguera for grand theft, more than $100,000 and directing a fencing operation.

"This past week we've arrested shop lifters and burglars, who all said stuff they stole was brought here," explained Sheriff's Sgt. Tom Gendreau. "Some of the stuff Noguera actually ordered, and they filled that order."

In Noguera's back yard, deputies sorted through and recorded serial numbers off of hundreds of industrial grade tools and household goods. Deputies say the items are stolen, and were being held for sale by Noguera.

"They call him 'Home Depot,'" exclaimed Sgt. Gendreau. Deputies ended up loading up two trucks full of goods. Detectives also say they found some $4,000 stashed in the house.

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, told us she is shocked by the news of Noguera's arrest. "He doesn't look like the type that would do something like that." The woman said she saw people coming and going from the house, but thought they were his renters.

Already some of the recovered loot is headed back to the rightful owners. A man from an appliance store came to pick up a flat screen TV.

Detectives say they found two confirmed stolen handguns and Rolex watches in Noguera's home. Based on documents they uncovered, the Sheriff's Office believes Noguera was selling the items to people who then shipped them to Jamaica and Cuba.