Vero Beach priest stabbed in confessional

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A priest at Holy Cross Catholic Church is stabbed during confession. He is a man of the cloth just doing God's work at church this weekend. Then, he was stabbed twice in a confessional.

Thankfully, Father Michael Massaro will be fine now after surgery. The suspect, 57-year-old Josephine Gatchell, was arrested Sunday at a friend's house.

Deputies say Saturday afternoon she stormed into the confessional room after the last person had left. Gatchell then stabbed Father Massaro once in the thigh, then in his ribs, and took off.

Officers searched for more than a day until they found her at a friend's house.

On Sunday Pastor Richard Murphy has the unpleasant task of informing the congregation what happened. He says, Gatchell has caused problems before at the church. He also adds, the Father is recovering and thankful they have security at all times. "We are always afraid of things like this happening. You have to be aware that we need, we need security, and we have some fairly good security around here.

Six year church member Bob Losi added, "I felt very upset for something like that to happen especially at a house of God and a church. I could not imagine something like that happening."

Church goers say Father Massaro was in such shock, he just took off running to his car and headed to Indian River Medical Center.