OR single dad fired, returns home to house fire

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

OREGAN CITY, OR (WFLX) - If you think you had a bad day, listen to this man's story. First, he loses his job. Then, he comes home to his house on fire.

Victor Gonzalez was called into work early on Friday only to be let go. The single dad went home to find his house on fire with his two daughters still inside. Gonzalez was able to help the girls get out of the burning home.

Despite the double loss of his job and home, Gonzalez says, he is choosing to look at the positive side to his rough day. "If I wouldn't have gotten fired from work, I wouldn't have came home, and I don't know how far the fire would've gotten. So I guess that's a good thing."

So where did he get such a level head? Gonzalez worked as an emergency department social worker helping families deal with traumatic situations.