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Diet dust

By Emily Pantelides bio | email
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Diets come and go, and if you've struggled with your weight, you've probably tried dozens of them. A new product, Sensa, says it can help you control your eating. All you have to do is sprinkle it on your meals.

We eat for all kinds of reasons. Joan Gibb said, "I've always had this thing where I just want to eat. It's good! Oh, I just want more!"

 "We kids were brought up with, 'You put it on your plate, you eat it,'" added Dennis Baker.

But a new weight loss product called Sensa promises to help fill you up before you overeat, and it wasn't hard to find volunteers to give it a shake.

At 40, Lisa Porter has poured a lot of her energy into creating her skincare salon, but along the way, she says, she stopped taking care of herself. "Three to five pounds extra every year really starts to add up."

So, in January, Lisa put herself on a strict diet and started exercising. But, she needed a little boost, and she figured this might be it. "I'm looking forward to trying Sensa because I'm already motivated. I want to get down to not necessarily a certain number; I'm not doing that anymore. But to down to a healthy weight to where I feel comfortable."

Dennis Baker feels good about his decision to quit smoking after more than 40 years. "It will be two years ago next month."

Unfortunately, he says, he replaced cigarettes with food. "Over the course of that two years, I've have gained 18 pounds."

Joan Gibb, a legal assistant eats well. But she, too, can't seem to graduate from the clean plate club. "I eat everything until it's gone. I always go back for seconds. I could be so full, but it's so good, I want more."

Developed by a neurologist and sensory researcher, the Sensa weight loss plan allows you to eat the foods you like. You just sprinkle flavorless crystals called "tastants" onto them first to turn up the flavor of your food.

Cheryl Williams, a registered dietician, said, "I think it's interesting the idea that you sprinkle something on food, and it enhances the flavor. It's a great concept, if humans weren't so complex."

A lot of people eat when they're not hungry and keep eating even when they're full. "They're trying to fill a void, and they scarf down food, and they don't even remember how it tastes. So a lot a people their relationship with food is really complex. So, it's not as simple as 'I'm hungry, I eat. I'm full, I stop.' If it was that simple, we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic in this country."

After a month on Sensa, Lisa Porter is down eight pounds and cooking foods she thought were off-limits. "I can actually have some of these, and I won't overdo it."

And Lisa can now eat just like the rest of her family. "I feel like this is one part of my life, one aspect, that I've got under control now."

Meanwhile, Dennis Baker is nearing the two month mark. "For my high, I've lost 14 pounds."

But, he thinks, his weight loss has more to do with stepping up his workout than sprinkling something on his food. "I can say this, whatever I'm doing seems to be working, so, I can't say there's anything wrong with the product. I can't say it doesn't work. I just don't know how big a factor it is in the results I'm getting."

Lastly, Joan Gibb says she too was skeptical, but after almost two months, she's down seven or eight pounds and her clothes fit much better. "All I know is that I put it on my food, and I don't eat as much."

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