Making it Big in West Palm Beach

By: Helen Wagmeister, Creative Director
Harvey C. Salon
November 25, 2002

It’s big. Imagine Brigitte Bardot and Samantha Stevens combined with Jackie ‘O’ and her sunglasses, we’re talking… BIG!

Those voluminous hairstyles of the 1950’s through the early 1970’s are back according to the Fall fashion forecast of Bumble and Bumble Hair Salon based in New York City. Their affiliate, The Harvey C Salon in West Palm Beach echoes this prediction. Big hair is definitely a player this Fall, but with a twist, and with all fashion trends, hair or otherwise, there must be a twist. As hairstylists we are always seeking and tweaking a trend for a fresh approach. One of my favorite mantra’s is “second day hair is it,” and that’s basically being said about ‘big hair.’ We want the tousled free next day look. To quote Bumble and Bumble, “It is that disheveled moment that fascinated us.”

So read on. Whether you have long, medium or shorter length hair, ‘big hair’ support products could be your ticket to making a change this Fall.

How to make it big:
Get in on the action and hurry to Harvey C salon located at 111 South Olive Avenue in West Palm Beach, and learn how to use the newly launched and necessary Bumble products to create and support this look.

Step 1) Your hair will be washed in Thickening Shampoo followed by Thickening Conditioner.

Step 2) After towel drying you’ll get a quick spritz of Prep spray (for fine or uncolored hair) or Tonic lotion (for curly or chemically treated hair).

Step 3) This prepares your locks for the magic of step 3 -- performed by Thickening Spray.

Step 4 (The Most Important): It’s now up to your stylists’ imagination to create the right look and their knowledge to educate. The folks at Harvey C. have the creative insight, talent and imagination to make it BIG for you!

Step 5) To finish, a quick recap of how to’s and a blast of Does it all or Classic Hairspray to seal the deal.

Uptown glamour meets Downtown chic.
Now you might be thinking, yes Helen, that information is truly fascinating, but Bumble and Bumble is based in New York, and we live in Florida considerably more humid a good portion of the year. If our hair is big its usually frizzy, unkempt, not sexy, and chaotic not artistic poetry. Whilst I’m not saying you should cease and desist your use of the flat iron (of which I’m a huge fan), I am suggesting that with the right styling products coupled with a little know-how it is possible to achieve this look. A sexy pumped up, voluminous ‘do’!! how could you resist?!!

You owe it to yourself to try a little Uptown/Downtown glamour.