355 pound swordfish jumps into boat

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (WFLX) - Four South Florida fishermen have quite a fish story after a 355 pound swordfish jumped in their boat.

The men were fishing off Lighthouse Point when the swordfish came crashing on to their vessel. The 355-pound swordfish used its bill to break one of the fisherman's collarbone and bruise his forehead. The hook he'd used to reel in the really big fish, wound up deep in his skin above the knee.

But even those injuries weren't getting the fisherman down. "It was truly amazing to see his test of tolerance for the amount of pain that he was probably enduring to his leg," described paramedic Erica Gleeson.

The fisherman has three stitches on his forehead and said it will take six weeks for his collarbone to heal.

As for the fish, it will be part of a big feast for family and friends.