No Cash, No problem

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - In a cash crunch? Get the things you need without the money!

"It's helped me a lot, everything from tennis lessons to taxes," said one.

Another added, "I traded two pairs of earrings for an authentic CoCo Chanel purse."

And they did it on Craigslist.

Craig Green cooked 80 pounds of crawfish and traded it for dental work.

He's not alone: The number of adds on the Web site is growing. "If you were on Craigslist two months ago, on the barter page to now, it has increased 50 to 75 percent."

A year ago Tara Aceto wanted to trade a Playstation 3 for a Wii gaming system. She found Jennifer Broughton's Wii add online, and they got plenty out of the deal. "We ended up getting together in a parking lot and switching out, and we have been friends ever since."

While that was extent of Jennifer's online bartering, Tara became hooked.

She didn't collect anymore best friends but has filled her house with bartered items. She traded Wii games for an air purifier and a ring she didn't like for one she did. "I like to get rid of the old, and I'm sure someone needs it. There is no harm in bartering."

More businesses are hopping on the bartering bandwagon, as well.

BizXchange is helping local businesses barter deals. Instead of using cash, you trade services.

Chris Haddawy, BixXchange, said, "I can use that to advertise to promote my roofing company to pay for auto repair and transmission work on my shop vehicles to pay for answering accounting."

It's a way to pay for overhead costs without spending a dime.

Electrician Paul Parker says he saved about $60,000 last year by bartering through BizXchange. "Anything, we can do to save money the better."

Each time his company does an electrical service for trade, he gets paid through BizXchange. He can then use that balance to pay for things he needs to keep his business running. "Our book keeping costs, we have our dispatching, like our call takers, things like that. We have legal fees, vehicle fees, just about anything we can possibly think of."