Face of Idol

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - American Idol is no doubt all about the music, but there's more to the show than what meets the ear. The contestants also have to look the part, and that means makeup. It's time to find the "Face of Idol".

Her name is Mezhgan, and she's been the lead makeup artist on Idol since Season Two.

Mezhgan said, "What I do is get to know the contestants and work the makeup and their look according to their personality and their song choices."

But long before the final 12 or lucky 13 experience a Mezhgan makeover, she's scouting her favorites early on during the audition rounds - no singing voice required. "It's funny because Simon and I always have this argument over it because I'm always like, 'I can't believe you didn't put that person in because she would have been a great makeover'. And he's like, 'Mez, it's not about you, it's about them.'"

Some transformations are truly stark, case-in-point Season Seven's Brooke White. "I went in pretty natural, and to this day, on an average day, I'm a pretty natural girl. But, yeah, sometimes they would go with straight hair and smoky eyes, and it is just a part of looking like a star you know."

But even turning a former beauty school dropout into a knockout isn't as difficult as doing up the dreaded dudes. "The prior seasons, they used to be like, 'Oh, my God.' Like Ruben for instance, he used to be like, 'Oh, my God, are you going to do makeup on me?' For some reason they thought if I did their makeup, they'd look like a girl," Mezhgan said.

Mezhgan must have really enjoyed Danny Noriega, but we digress, so what guy this season would possibly enjoy being pampered and preened? "Adam loves makeup, so he likes to get creative, and the guy-liner and get out there and have some fun."

Don't you mean eyeliner? "It's not eyeliner. It's 'guy-liner,'" corrected Chris Sligh. "David Cook likes it; he likes the 'guy-liner'. Daughtry did, too."

"An hour before the live show is when I really honestly feel like I'm going to lose my mind," Mezhgan admitted.

Because, besides the contestants, Mezhgan must makeup the true stars of the show, the judges. "Kara is in one area. I have to get her, and then Simon has his trailer. So Ryan is on the third floor, and Randy is on the first floor, and then the contestants are on the third floor, so I'm running from one area to another to make sure everybody is done."

So who's the most high maintenance judge? "Can I say the truth? Do we really need to name him?"


"Did I say him? Did I say Simon? Oh, my God, yeah. I spend two hours with Simon, about 45 minutes with Kara, I'm kidding. He's so going to kill me."

And if you'd kill for the makeup magic Mezhgan whips up each week you're in luck. She now has her very own line called "Me by Mezhgan." "One of the reasons I created the line was to make it easy for me and people at home to achieve the looks I am creating on the show."

So even if you don't sound like an Idol, at least you can look like one.