Thousands attend Pretty in the City

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - They came by the thousands. Women ready do some of their favorite things in life: eat, drink and shop!

"Pretty in the City is something put together for women to be together - not worry about anything else for the night, have a great night, boundaries are dropped, catty attitudes are out the door - and we're just celebrating," said Sunny 104.3's Michelle Visage.

Visage pours her heart into the biannual event. "We're raising money for the Office Depot Foundation which is so great because they have about five charities under one umbrella. And it all benefits children in different aspects."

Therefore, all the shopping going on is completely justifiable.

First, I stopped by to see my friends at the Kravis Center. "We've just announced our 2009-2010 Kravis on Broadway Season," said Ashley Doughlass. "As you can see, Jersey Boys, Grease, South Pacific, A Chorus Line, Burn the Floor: It's a great, great season ahead of us."

But before the Broadway season kicks off, we have swimsuit season, and the Mall at Wellington Green is your one stop shop for making sure you look fabulous."

"We have a brand new mall walker program that's open to anybody that wants to come out and walk in the mall," said Rachelle Crain. "It's a safe, secure, climate controlled environment. We open before the mall opens at 8 o'clock in the morning."

And I found a way to spend more time 'walking'! "They clean in one pass what it would take most vacuums two and three passes to clean," said A1 Authorized Vacuum's Bernie Holmstock.

He took over the family business, "My father started on Clematis Street 50 years ago," expanding its locations and services. "We're here for our - part of our business where we deliver vacuums to the North Palm Beach County area at Internet prices. So, mostly Mieles. They're German made, built to last 20 years, and they're number one recommended by allergists."

And what compliments carpet more than furniture? "We literally have a 105,000 square foot facility with 25 showrooms within that building," said Elke Oerter with El Dorado Furniture.

To make sure all the precious items inside your home, including yourself, are safe, you'll want to speak with the folks at Direct Alarm Monitoring. "We provide alarm monitoring for existing homes and businesses for $9.95 per month as compared to some of your existing companies out that are charging upwards of $40 per month," said Matt Szapucki.

The conversion is so simple, you can do it yourself. "It's a plug and play device that connects to your existing alarm system. So, instead of sending the signal to your existing monitoring center, it'll send it to our central station."

I then find myself chatting with Charlotte Mullins who's with the Florida Vision Lasik, and, she says, nine out of ten patients walk away with 20/20 or better vision. "Anybody who has a prescription - rather it be near-sighted, far-sighted or just astigmatism - it reshapes the surface until we get you back to that ideal 20/20. In our cases, most clients end with 20/15."

Lastly, I visit Psychic Serenity by Sally.

Rachel asked, "Does my palm say I'm due for a raise?"

Sally, "Oh, you've been due for a long time. Just be patient. It's not one of your virtues; you want things now."

No surprise there.

"You're going to be a mother of three," she continued.

Now, that was a surprise.

So where does her ability to read palms come from? "I was born with it. My mother was a reader, her mother, her mother before her. So, it's been passed down from generation to generation in our family."

Sunny 104.3's Pretty in the City returns this fall. And picture this: One night, one place and all your holiday shopping done. Now, that's pretty fun, pretty fabulous.