Meet the 'Parachute' boys

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Meet Will, Johnny, Alex, Kit and Nate: The boys of the band "Parachute". Their single, "She is Love" is in its fourth week on Billboard's Top 40.

Their CD launched to the number one spot on iTunes right before coming to West Palm as one of 97.9 WRMF's 'Need to Know Artist'.

"Our CD came out exclusively on iTunes, so we went from no one buying our album to being the number one album on iTunes," said lead singer Will Anderson. "So, it was pretty crazy to see our name up there above Green Day and Lady Gaga."

Rachel: "You're all pretty young. You guys just graduated college last year?"
Johnny Stubblefield, drummer: "Most of the band did, yes."
Rachel: "Still working on that?"
Johnny: "Still, still working on that."

Rachel: "How did you form?"
Will: "We met in high school. Actually, Kit [French] and Johnny knew each other long ago - literally from the day they were born - I believe."
Johnny: "Our moms were roommates in college."
Rachel: "So, from the womb on."
Johnny: "Yes, it's a brotherly bond."

Rachel: "So what do your mothers think about your success?"
Johnny: "Oh my gosh, they're our biggest fans. We're gaining some new fans now, but our mothers have been here since the start - since we were awful. We used to be a bad band. I know it's hard to believe."

Rachel: "Who's garage did you play in?"
Johnny: "No garages, attics, basements, we're more that style."

Rachel: "Who is the band who you're like, �We're the next big thing', you better watch out?"
Nate McFarland, guitarist: "You know, I think we're on the heels of U2. You know, we've been around for a year."

Since my interview with Parachute, the boys have gone on to release their album, 'Losing Sleep', in stores moving them out of 'need to know' status into 'must know'.