IRC deputies fired after videos surface

By Eric Roby - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - We've obtained video showing Indian River County deputies crossing the line and paying for it with their jobs. The sheriff's office says these deputies do not deserve to wear a uniform and fired them over incidents caught on tape.

The first video, captured last January, shows a suspect being brought into the jail. Deputy Paul Mewborn apparently lost his temper and pushed the suspect down the hallway. The suspect falls to the concrete floor unable to catch himself since he is handcufffed.

Sheriff Deryl Loar is clearly upset watching the video. "The inmate was handcuffed in the rear and was clearly in the facility, and, clearly, there was enough personnel to handle that situation."

Mewborn was fired because of this video and what other deputies, who witnessed it, had to say. "When misconduct is diagnosed, it is an addressed, and it is addressed quickly."

The other case caught on tape starts at a car accident. Deputy Christian Yanchula is directing traffic when a car nearly hits him. To stop the car, he throws his flash light breaking the windshield. It may have saved his life, but he did not follow policy. He was supposed to be wearing a reflective vest and have a wand on his flashlight. He wasn't fired, but he was suspended for poor judgement. "Part of that poor judgement was an 80 hour suspension."

There is no video of a third case where deputy David Turner was fired. He admitted to losing his cool and hitting a man in the back of the head making him fall to the ground outside a convenience store.

The sheriff said he is not certain if the two positions that were lost Thursday will be refilled with new deputies.