West Boca mother reports leaving SUV running in garage

By Chuck Weber - email

WEST OF BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - The community west of Boca Raton is mourning the deaths of two 11-year-old girls apparently killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. It's hard enough for adults to understand and come to terms with let alone sixth grade classmates.

Straight-A students Kaitlyn Brondolo and Amber Wilson died during a sleep over at Amber's home in the Loggers Run development. Amber's mother, Loretta Wilson, told Sheriff's investigators she could not turn off her SUV after pulling into the garage. She said she'd had trouble with her vehicle since being in an accident. When investigators arrived, the SUV was off and it still had a half tank of gas. Investigators found high carbon monoxide levels in the home.

"It really disappoints me that it had to happen when they're so young," exclaimed Steven Locigno, who knew both girls. "They didn't even get past sixth grade."

"It's such a terrible thing, at this age, to realize what death is and how you can experience it," added Ilan Schlossberg. Ilan and Steven said the girls were always together, "almost like sisters."

Ilan said he was Kaitlyn's boyfriend briefly last year. He said he and his neighbor remained good friends.

"She was brilliant," said Ilan, describing Kaitlyn. "She would never start rumors or anything. She was just a very sweet girl."

And Amber? "Every single time I saw Amber, she always smiling," said Steven. "Like no matter what, she's always happy."

Ilan's mother, Judy Garmaise, said the girls tragic deaths left her with questions. "The pieces are so bizarre, this puzzle is so weird," she said. "Until we actually have the answers and knowing what really happened, you don't want to blame, you don't want to accuse. You don't want to get angry."

At last check, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says Loretta Wilson is still in ICU. She is expected to survive.

No one has mentioned anything about any criminal charges, but we are told DCF is involved in the investigation.