High-End Hotels Offering Summer Deals

By Al Pefley  email

Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

At least two luxury hotels in our area are offering special summer deals, to get people through the door in the midst of this recession.

The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach has two special summer deals.

The "Peace of Mind package," which offers one night free if you buy two nights, plus free breakfast and free parking.

The other deal is called the "Bring the Whole Family Package," with rooms starting at $279 a night, and if your family needs another room that one is 50-percent off.

"Well we're all fighting for the same piece of pie and I think we're very receptive to the economy and I think value is what we want to provide the customer," said Brad Cance, Ritz-Carlton general manager.

The Breakers in Palm Beach is also offering big savings.

Rooms starting at $225 a night, plus unlimited free golf and tennis and fitness classes. They call it the "Spendless Summer Savings" promotion.

"I think this is a time when we need to provide a compelling and enticing offer and you know, to showcase what's new at the resort including our $50-million new beachfront.  It's the perfect year,"  said Christophe Dagassan, director of customer relationship management at The Breakers.

Both hotels say their room prices this summer are lower than what they were charging last summer.