Senior found wandering the streets of Lake Worth

By John Bachman - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - A Lake Worth man say the Terraces of Lake Worth Rehabilitation and Health Center is not taking good care of it's patients.

"At first, we assumed he was drunk because he was staggering," said concerned neighbor Mark Parilla. "It was Friday night at 8, cars were zooming back and forth. You know, my first thing was to get him off the street."

Parilla just lost his grandfather to a stroke. When he realized that man was not drunk, but elderly and confused, he new he had to do something.

"It could be any body's mom or grandfather or grandmother or... We should all care whether it's a family members of ours or not," he said.

The elderly man was able to tell Parilla where he lives, the Terraces of Lake Worth Rehabilitation and Health Center. So they walked about a block back to the nursing home. And that's when he says an employee got rough.

"I saw this as being my grandfather like somebody physically grabbing him and shaking him like a little kid saying, 'What are you doing out here?' and being rough with him and scaring this man," Parilla told Fox 29.

We went to the Terraces of Lake Worth to find out what really happened. We were met by a man who didn't give us his name, but told us he is an administrator at the facility.

I asked the administrator: "You're not concerned that some of your patients, some of the people that live here, the residents are able just to walk away?"

"They don't they don't walk away," he told me.

"If that would ever happened we would have to report that," he continued.

  • We found sheriff's records from the last few month showing at least three missing persons reports have been made at the nursing home.
  • Last year, auditors inspected the place and compiled more than 50 pages of deficiencies.
  • Florida's Agency on Health Care Administration gave the facility two stars out five meaning it's ranked in the bottom 40 percent of area's nursing homes.

Still, the state and the feds say The Terraces of Lake Worth is in good standing.

Mark Parilla wonders how that can be. "Anybody who has a living parent or grandparent would not have been happy with what they saw, even though it wasn't a relative of mine."

Parilla says he continues to stay in touch and visit with the elderly man. He say he doesn't have any family to look after him, so he's going to do it.