The Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplant

A hair transplant can restore your natural hair for life.  Hair restoration surgery simply put, moves hair follicles from the back of the head which are genetically resistant to baldness, to the front of the head. When a properly performed procedure is complete, even a hair stylist cannot tell.

Today's hair restoration technology

Today, hair restoration surgeons use micro surgical blades so small, that individual grafts (single or multiple) of hair can be safely transplanted into the scalp to result in a completely natural look. Surgeons are able to squeeze more follicles in a single area by using these modern techniques. This procedure is a fine balance of art and science, and requires nothing but the highest level of skill from talented physicians.

Patients often times see excellent results only after one session, however depending on your level of baldness, multiple treatments could be necessary.   Follicular unit transplants inflict minimal trauma to the patient and the healing process is often very rapid.