Corvette Challenge revs up at PBIR

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - It started small with just a handful of Corvettes - all with owners itching to go fast.

"The whole thing with the [Corvette] Challenge was to get people off the street, so they won't race on the street and come out and race on the track where it counts," explained Palm Beach International Raceway Track Manager Mike Clark.

Clark's has grown the Corvette Challenge while expanding the series to include other high performance vehicles. "We added the Mustang Challenge and the trucks. Then, just this past year, we did the GM Challenge."

This success of the series comes from loyal challengers, like Charlie Bosco, "this is a c5 2000 Corvette convertible," and Robert Payton, "this is a 2007 z06 Corvette - slight modifications done to it."

And those slight modifications pay off. "The best time I've done has been a 10.61 at a 133 miles per hour," said Payton.

It's bracket racing, so Charlie's Corvette, "this car runs anywhere between 12.5 and 12.0," can beat Robert's Vet.

"If you have two cars that are a second off, say a 6-cylinder Mustang against an 8-cylincer Mustang, that 6-cylinder Mustang is going to leave a second before the other," said Clark. "The name of the game is for that second car, that leaves a second later, to catch that first car before it gets down to the finish line. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins; unless, they breakout and go too fast. Then, you automatically lose."

They also have test and tune nights at the track where anything goes. "The old saying, 'run what you brung,' I've seen tile trucks out here. I've seen dump trucks out here," said Bosco.

That next Challenge takes place Saturday, June 13. You can keep up with everything going on at the Raceway on