Cheap DVD player may be no bargain

AP -- Have you seen those ads for incredibly cheap DVD players? You might assume they must be OK since a laser does the work, so there couldn't be much difference.

But Jeff Samuels of Panasonic says there CAN be a difference, because some DVD players that cheap aren't adhering to standards that major manufacturers do -- and for which they pay a royalty.
An inexpensive player may simply not have the same technical specifications.
Samuels says to get a decent DVD player that DOES meet standards you'll have to pay at least 95-dollars for a model from a major manufacturer.
Even if you don't own a DVD player, you've likely noticed how popular they've become. Samuels says market penetration has been extraordinary -- the DVD player is the fastest selling item ever in the electronics industry.
There are over 40 million of them out there today.
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