Great grandma Tased by TX deputy

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - It is a disturbing sight: A great grandmother Tasered by a deputy. He said he had to do it to protect her.

Kathryn Winkfein is driving one minute; the next, she is Tasered. Cops say she asked for it. It happened back on May 11. The dash cam video shows Texas Deputy Chris Bieze stopping Winkfein for speeding on a notoriously dangerous strip of an Austin area highway.

After completing the paperwork, the officer returns to Winkfein's truck, but she refuses to sign the speeding ticket. "Take me to jail? I'm a 72-year-old woman."

That's when the deputy opens the driver side door to arrest the great-grandmother. "Give me the ticket now. Oh, you're gonna push me, a 72-year-old woman?"

Bieze firmly stated, "Get over here, now!"

The shove, officials say, served to get the two out of oncoming traffic. Then, the deputy warns her. "Stand back; I'm gonna Tase you."

"You're going to Tase a 72-year-old woman?" Winkfein responded, "Hell, I'm a 72-year-old woman."

After five warnings to stand back or get Tasered, "Step back or you'll get Tased."

Winkfein said, "I dare you."

"Get on the ground," commanded Bieze. "Put your hands behind your back. You are going to get Tased again"

After the event, Winkfein said, "I wasn't argumentative. I was not combative, okay? This is a lie. Every bit of this is a lie."

"There may be many viewers upset. We deployed a Taser, but she made a very simple interaction with police a very difficult task," said one deputy.

The woman is fine. In fact, she's obtained a lawyer, and says she is thinking about suing.