Boca dispatcher recognized for helping deliver baby

By Chuck Weber - email

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - A Boca Raton baby decided to make a sudden appearance, so sudden, mom and dad were caught by surprise. It took a calm 911 dispatcher to help dad deliver the child.

Wednesday afternoon Kenn and Teresa Haupert and their now 2-month-old son, Justin, came to Boca Raton Police Administration headquarters to meet Jessica Sullivan, the dispatcher who helped them. The occasion was the police department's monthly recognition ceremony where Sullivan was honored with a Distinguished Service Award.

"It's been six and a half years that I've been dispatching for Boca Raton," said a beaming Sullivan. "This happened to be the first time the baby came out before paramedics got there."

Listening to the 911 recording from March 29, one hears an exasperated Kenn Haupert. "Hello, my wife is having a baby right now," he says excitedly. Wife Teresa is screaming in the background.

Moments later Mr. Haupert exclaims, "My baby's out. He's out." Haupert pleads with his newborn son, "Please baby, breathe." Then, a sigh of relief, as the child begins crying.

From that point, Dispatcher Sullivan is heard walking Haupert through the process of cleaning off the baby and tying the umbilical cord.

"It was amazing to hear him cry on the other end," recalled Sullivan who has her own 3-year-old daughter.

The Haupert's had nothing but praise for Sullivan. "I was just about ready to just pass out," said Mr. Haupert. "She helped me get through the whole thing. And we got him out. He came out fine."

"Thank God, we got her help," added Mrs. Haupert.