Quarantined PBC students living nightmare in China

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL(WFLX) - Three Benjamin School students set off on a trip to China, but, as they arrived, medical workers in hazmat suits took them into quarantine.

Elizabeth Doane said this has been a complete nightmare. She and her two brothers are in a foreign country, they don't speak the language there, their parents are halfway across the world, and officials were forcing them into quarantine.

They have been there since Wednesday.

They were with the People to People Ambassadors program traveling to China. Apparently, someone on their plane, just a few rows in front of them, had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. It was later determined the man had the H1N1 virus, so 18-year-old Elizabeth Doane and her two younger brothers, Bryan and Randell, were all immediately quarantined by the Chinese government in a hotel in Beijing because of fears that they might have the swine flu.

There is normally an incubation period of up to seven days, but Elizabeth and her brothers were tested and told they were not infected with the virus.

U.S. officials are working to get the quarantine lifted quickly.