AHH!!! My mom wants to be friends on Facebook

By Ashley Glass - email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Have you clicked on Facebook lately? It's not just for kids and young adults anymore. Some of the faces on Facebook are getting older.

Parker Shulman has a lot of Facebook friends. "I have about 500 friends." One friend request, though, Parker rejected at first. "My mother."

"I had one goal for getting on Facebook, and it is parental control," said Debbie Shulman.

After a second try, Parker accepted her mom's Facebook friendship. At 52 years old, Debbie fits the trend. People 35 years and older are the fastest growing Facebook demographic. "I want to make sure she is behaving like she says she is."

Parker has been in trouble a time or two when mom sees what's on her page. "Oh, that is horrible!" Mostly, she's gotten in trouble for foul language.

"I think it's weird parents are coming on and stalking their kids," said Parker.

She's not the only one who thinks that. Sites are sprouting up showing others don't like the invasion of the parents. A quick searched pulled up 25 different sites where Facebook users don't like parents on here. The biggest one with 611 members. It's called, 'What happens in college stays in college. Keep parents off Facebook'.

"I think it's so funny there are Web sites out there that say get my parents off Facebook," laughed Parker.

But she's not there yet and is letting mom hang on her friend's list. But mom isn't so sure about Parker's choices in Facebook friends. "Judging by these photos they posted, drinking, cigarettes, skimpy clothing. They just bust themselves. It makes no sense to me."

But what does make sense to this mom-daughter duo. They have an open relationship in real life, so they are trying for one on Facebook.

But Parker heeds warning before deciding to friend you parent on Facebook. "You don't want to get in trouble."

"You should know if your kids are on there, who they are talking to, and what they are talking about. It's a good tool, said Debbie.

Parker is just 15 years old, but asking around the newsroom, people older than 25 and up say once you're a bit older, it's easier to be Facebook friends with your parents.

Also, if you're a Facebook user, you've seen the message saying you'll be able to add a username starting this Saturday. What that means is that you'll now be able to give out a Web site link with your name in it which will go straight to your Facebook profile.