Disease Management Programs

The VNA has developed special home health programs using interdisciplinary clinical teams, continuous analysis of relevant data, and cost-effective technology to improve the health outcomes of patients with specific diseases. It includes self-care management techniques, patient education, and caregiver training.

Heart Failure
Chronic Lung Disease
Fall Prevention Program

Our highly trained caregivers are also skilled in delivering professional care to patients living with Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer and the frailty that comes with advancing age.

Benefits of these programs:

  • Create the least restrictive environment, generating the best health results
  • Enable patients to stay safely in the comfort of their own homes
  • Reduce unnecessary physician office visits
  • Decrease number of hospital admissions and days in hospital
  • Decrease visits to emergency department
  • Increase patient compliance with medical regimen
  • Increase patient's understanding and management of disease
  • Provide relief for family caregivers, and time for work, errands and travel