Client Testimonials

"As an RN myself, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of each nurse that came to my home.  Each nurse was knowledgeable, caring and considerate.  From proper hand washing to post op care....excellent!"

"Cheryl, and Linda were excellent.  They were both caring, experienced and very knowledgeable. Thank them very much!"

"Wonderful, caring service by all the nurses who came to the house."

"My speech therapist, Jen, was patient and always on time.  She helped me progress as far as she could in the time allowed with BCBSF.  Very nice professional young lady.  Mark, my physical therapist was respectful of the fact that I had a previous knee injury while he was treating me for muscle rehab (from laying in bed for 2 ½ months after 3 brain surgeries).  He was kind and "gentle" but efficient in "making" me do what was necessary for my full recovery.  He did not "baby" me as we went forward in my treatments.  I appreciate the respect and the thoughtfulness in the way Mark treated me and my family.  (He had to put up with 4 "barking" cocker spaniels every time he was at our home.  He laughed it off.  He is a great guy!!!) PS - He was ALWAYS PROMPT! - very important to us."

"The nursing staff was professional, courteous and always treated me with concern and dignity.  We used VNA when my husband needed care and physical therapy also.  I would recommend VNA to all without hesitation."

"They were more than helpful and an absolute joy to be around.  Jay went way beyond to help me and my family during their time.  Thank you again."

"I am a registered nurse and work in acute care at Martin Memorial Health Systems.  Every nurse on my case was terrific.  I was the patient and needed their expert advice and encouragement.  THANK YOU ALL!!"

"Physical therapist Lee did an awesome job of motivating me with his praise and encouraging style.  Would definitely recommend to others."

"John (Jay) was "exceptionally" good at his job & "very professional."  He is an asset to VNA.  Thanks!"