Officer involved shooting leaves PSL man dead

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - A Port St. Lucie police officer is on paid administrative leave after shooting and killing a man involved in a domestic disturbance.

The incident happened around 1 a.m. Sunday morning in the 1500 block of SE Croquet Street in Port St. Lucie.

Police say Officer Albert Riccardi shot 43-year-old Manny Morales twice in the abdomen. Morales was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died.

Morales' family says Port St. Lucie Police went too far and did not have to pull the trigger. Angie Morales-Pena says she and Morales were arguing. That's when she called police to their home.

When police arrived, they say Morales barricaded himself inside a bedroom with a weapon. They are not saying what type of weapon it was. Two officers then broke down the door to get inside. Police state there was a confrontation, and Morales was told to comply which he failed to do. Therefore, the officers, feeling their lives were in jeopardy, fired two rounds hitting Morales.

Once the investigation is completed, it will be presented to a grand jury. It's unclear right now whether his family is planning any legal action.

According to police, Morales had a prior arrest record.

Family members say police also used a Taser gun on Morales.

Police say domestic situations sometimes do get out of hand, and officers get shot and sometimes do the shooting. They says it's unfortunate.

More information is expected to be released Monday.