Top five germ-filled attractions

Rachel Leigh kissing the Blarney Stone
Rachel Leigh kissing the Blarney Stone

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - This is nothing short of gross! TripAdvisor announcing the top five germ filled attractions world wide! And, I've just learned, I've kissed the worst of all.

Here's their list: (On the Web)

5. Grubby Mitts: Forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theater (Handprints and Footprints), Hollywood, California

The forecourt to this historical Hollywood landmark features the hand and footprints of some of the biggest stars in history. But this intimate look at Hollywood's hands can get a bit grimy given that millions of fans place their fingers in the molds of their favorites.

4. Foul Fowl: St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

A place of immeasurable beauty, Venice's famed St. Mark's Square has a dirty side - its thousands of hungry pigeons. While vendors no longer sell food to tourists to give to the birds, they still flock in countless numbers, with many visitors choosing to touch and even hold the pigeons. Be careful - these dirty fowl have been known to leave foul unexpected gifts on tourists.

3. Lip Reading: Oscar Wilde's Tomb, Paris, France

It is a testament to the love and respect felt by book-lovers and admirers the world over - Oscar Wilde's tomb in Paris' Pere-Lachaise cemetery is famously covered in lipstick prints. But with a rainbow of hundreds of visible kiss marks adorning the grave, and countless more planted every year, one can't help but wonder...isn't there a cleaner way to show your literary appreciation?

2. Sticky Situation: Wall of Gum, Seattle, Washington

A bizarre tradition at Seattle's Market Theatre in Post Alley has turned into a fascinating yet very germy attraction: a giant wall of gum. In the 1990s, visitors began sticking their gum to the wall while waiting in line, resulting in a colorful and somewhat stomach-turning sight after more than a decade of gum gathering. Some intrepid visitors have even molded shapes and faces out of their masticated gum.

1. Kiss Me, I'm Filthy: Blarney Stone, Blarney, Ireland

Legend says that those who kiss the Blarney Stone, a block of stone built into Ireland's Blarney Castle, are rewarded with eloquent speech. But given that up to 400,000 mouths from all over the world touch the stone each year, putting your own to the grimy attraction (no easy task in itself) may be too high a price for the promised "gift of gab." One TripAdvisor traveler commented, "[You] have to bend over backwards, and kiss the stone upside down (imagine the germs on the stone from everyone doing that!)"