Facebook breaking up marriages

By Emily Pantelides - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Could Facebook lead to divorce?

Tuesday would be David eighth wedding anniversary, but he and his wife are getting a divorce because, David says, his wife cheated on him. "They had met each other and stayed in touch through Facebook."

Adding salt to the wounds, David saw picture of his wife and the other man posted on her Facebook account. "I think without Facebook there is no way they would have."

That's the new reality of divorce; after all, nowadays we do so much. We have Twitter, text, Facebook, iPhones, Blackberries. "It's getting very interesting; we never have a dull day at this office between Twitter, Facebook, Match.com, e-mails," said divorce attorney Robin Roshkind. "Your computer can be your worst enemy if you are in divorce litigation."

Roshkind says don't think you can post something then just hit delete. "When there's a case pending, we have the ability to subpoena your hard drive. Just be smart about it because one little clue can open a whole bag of beans."

Facebook sure did for David. "I think it makes it too easy for people to communicate."

But he doesn't blame the site. In fact, he says, there's a bright side. "It's been really good for me because it's been great to get support from all my friends."