SIDS blamed in PSL infant's death

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PORT ST LUCIE, FL (WFLX) -  Wednesday night, police feared foul play in the death of a 2 month old. Now, they know what killed the baby boy, and no one is being charged.

UPDATE, THU 10 PM: It is a heart-breaking situation for the family of little Braylon Robinson. Police say he died of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Port Saint Lucie Police sealed off the baby's home on Benedictine Street and called it a crime scene Wednesday.

An initial report by an officer determined the death was suspicious. But what he thought were wounds was actually swelling on the baby's body.

Mother Maya Young, only 16 years old, said she placed her son, Braylon, in the crib around 7 a.m. Then, discovered him dead four hours later.

SIDS is the sudden, sometimes unexplained, death of a baby usually during sleep. Until they knew that, police had to act accordingly. "In any death, we have to consider it a criminal investigation because we never know," said Tom Nichols, Port St. Lucie Police Department. "The M/E has to get involved and perform an autopsy. It's not common for an 8-week-old child to pass like that."

According to the American SIDS Institute, there are about 2,500 SIDS deaths a year. Down from about 11,000 a year in the 1970s.

Experts say you can reduce risk by:

  • Placing the infant to sleep on their backs
  • Putting them on a firm mattress with out any toys or pillows.
  • You may wan to keep the baby's crib in your room until they are at least six months old.
  • Do not put them to sleep on an adult bed
  • Do not over-clothe the baby

Most SIDS deaths occur in children between two months and four months of age.

Previously: A 2-month-old child is dead, and police are looking for answers. The only one home at the time was the baby's 16-year-old mother.

The baby's death is being called a suspicious.

Family and friends gathered at the house located on SE Benedictine Street in Port St Lucie, but no one was coming to the door to talk about the tragic events that took place Wednesday.

"Trying my best, trying my best. I can't even cry no more, can't even cry no more," said the baby's father, Blake Robinson.

Robinson, just 17 years old, says his son had been sick prior to his death. "I think they were saying that he ran a fever a couple of days ago, and they gave him some Tylenol. He still must have been sick."

Police say someone, likely the baby's mother, Maya Young, called 911 around midday. When paramedics and police arrived, they say, they found the little boy dead. They collected evidence in brown paper bags to be examined during the investigation. They are calling his death suspicious.

Port St. Lucie Police Public Information Officer Tom Nichols said, "Only because, perhaps the position of the child, the way it was laying, and just the mere fact the child being 2 months old."

Police would not specify exactly how the child was found, and neighbors, after hearing about the child's death, offered words of condolence. "If they are watching, I'm very sorry for what happened, very sorry," said one neighbor.

While police are calling this death suspicious, this could still very well be just a tragic accident.