Former PBC officer accused of foreclosure fraud

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Former West Palm Beach Police Officer Carl Heflin was in court Wednesday morning facing even more charges in addition to foreclosure fraud. He has now been charged with residential burglary and grand theft.

Two neighborhoods fell victim to Heflin's alleged scheme, the Belvedere and Westgate neighborhoods, in addition to more than two dozen homes were targeted by Heflin.

Authorities say Heflin tried to put foreclosed homes into his own name something he had no legal right to do. Detectives say Heflin drew up fraudulent papers he later used to try and rent out those foreclosed properties.

With a total of 30 homes, detectives say, Heflin brought in around $6,000 a month in additional rent money. Police believe he would break into homes to gain entry, and then take them over.

Detectives say Heflin admitted that he targeted homes with overgrown grass and no trespassing signs.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office has released the following addresses as those involved in Heflin's scheme:

2838 NOKOMIS AVE. WPB                                                      
2328 S. BEECH RD. WPB                                                      
720 TROY BLVD. WPB                                                         
2313 REDWOOD RD. WPB                                                       
2349 WABASSO DR. WPB                                                       
1909 SEMINOLE BLVD WPB                                                     
3453 HIAWATHA AVE. WPB                                                     
546 CHERRY RD. WPB                                                         
130 SOUTH C ST. LAKE WORTH                                                 
441 CHERRY RD WPB                                                         
801 SPENCER DR. WPB                                                       
825 ELM RD. WPB                                                           
636 ASPEN RD. WPB                                                  
500 BEECH RD. WPB                                                         
800 TROY BLVD. WPB                                                        
3842 OSWEGO AVE. WPB                                                      
628 DOGWOOD RD. WPB                                                       
1116 LOXAHATCHEE DR. WPB                                                  
1100 LOXAHATCHEE DR. WPB                                                  
401 CHERRY RD. WPB                                                        
116 TIMBER RUN E WPB                                                      
2312 FAIRWAY DR. WPB                                                      
311 S. BROADWAY LAKE WORTH                                                
5628 SNEAD CIR. WPB                                                       
2360 PAR RD.  WPB