Cancer cluster investigation: 30 families affected

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PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Ten more families have come forward about the possible cancer cluster in the Acreage. That's 30 families affected by brain tumors all within a three-mile radius.

Is this a coincidence or not?

"I started thinking what everyone in this story is thinking, what everybody's been interviewed so far that's been affected by this is thinking," said Richard Contromano. "I'm very concerned."

Contromano watched our story Tuesday about the six people who all live less than three miles from each other who all have a family member with some form of brain cancer. "I saw the story, and, as soon as I saw it."

As soon as he heard, 'It was malignant; the tumor is still in there', Richard made a connection. "Things have changed in my mind a bit. I'm starting to wonder when you see more people come forward.

Richard recalls a horrible memory, "We are sitting in the room, we are waiting there, and, all of a sudden, he says, 'Well, there's a tumor."

Elizabeth was only six months old when, "My wife and I, we were just crying. It's not something you want to hear," Richard described.

Elizabeth has a brain tumor behind her eyes. It's inoperable and has already impaired her vision. "She started her chemo."

Chemo every week, MRIs every three months, and countless hours at the doctor. "She's a trooper; she fights through that."

But, now, dad is ready for a fight of his own. He's joining this group of six that has turned into a group of 31 who are looking to the sky, to the ground, to everything around them to find out what's making them sick.

Around the 'cluster area': Orange groves to the north and south and sugarcane fields to the west. "They spray a lot of pesticides in the area."

Is that the cause? Nobody knows yet. Nobody even knows if there is a cancer cluster. All these moms, dads, wives and family members know is something's wrong and they need answers.

State Representative Carl Domino is now involved in this investigation. We called U.S. Representative Tom Rooney's office Wednesday. So far, he says, he is not involved.

Meanwhile, these parents are asking for your help. For the state to start a cancer cluster investigation these neighbors need to compile a final list of people with cancer in the area by June 30. To add your name to the list or talk to Jennifer e-mail at