A new combo recorder may ultimately spell the demise of the V-C-R

AP -- Panasonic has introduced a combination D-V-D-hard disk recorder.
It lets you dub your favorite T-V shows and home movies onto D-V-D -- but also lets you store this information on your computer hard drive.
It's the D-M-R H-S-2 and it comes with all sorts of editing functions.
For instance, you could plug your digital camcorder into the device -- cleanup your home movies -- and burn the finished product onto a D-V-D.
A built-in port allows you to connect your camcorder to the combo unit. It also has a P-C Card slot for loading digital images -- and there's a 40 giga-byte hard drive that stores 17 hours of video.
The price tag: one-thousand bucks.
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