Signs Warn Boaters Don't Anchor on Reef

By Al Pefley   email

Delray Beach, FL (WFLX)

Delray Beach goes ahead with its Fourth of July fireworks.

But this year they're taking some added precautions.

City workers were out this afternoon installing signs at two city parks that have boat ramps on the intracoastal waterway.

The signs remind boaters it's illegal to anchor on a coral reef.

They want to make sure boaters who go offshore to watch the fireworks on the Fourth don't damage coral by dropping anchors on a reef.

"It's not that we don't want them out on the reef. We don't want them anchoring on the reef. That's all. There's fishermen out there that probably want to fish on the reef. And divers who want to dive on the reef. But they need to be aware of the damage they could cause to the reef with their anchors," said Tim Simmons, Delray Beach city parks superintendent.

New rules took effect a few months ago to protect certain types of endangered coral and it appeared at one point recently the city might not get a Coast Guard permit to launch its Fourth of July fireworks show from an offshore barge.

Damaging coral can result in a $25,000 dollar fine.