Senator Nelson Calls For Investigation into Acreage Cancer Cases

Florida Senator Bill Nelson is traveling to South Florida Wednesday to investigate a potential cancer cluster in The Acreage.

A former resident has come forward and says she thinks she knows the source of this alleged outbreak. She claims that the upkeep and maintenance of a local orange grove is behind the 44 cases of cancer now being reported in the area.

One of those people is Betsey Raper.  She lives less than 2 blocks from the orange groves, and in the late 1970's Betsey's baby was born missing part of her brain.

At the time, Betsey's doctor had a theory. "He said it really was nothing that was genetically induced," she said. "It was something I must have come into contact with... while I was conceiving her, and while I was carrying her."

Nat Roberts,  a spokesperson for the Callory-Judge groves released the following statement regarding Betsey's claims. "We understand people's concerns," it reads. "The Health Department needs to investigate. We have always followed the laws and guidelines. We have specific instructions on how to use pesticides from the Government that we follow."

Florida Senator Bill Nelson is calling for a full investigation of the matter. He will be in The Acreage Wednesday afternoon speaking with the families of the victims.