Attorneys Question Mahoney's Former Mistress

By Al Pefley   email

Stuart, FL (WFLX)

She was the "other woman" in the scandal that brought down south Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney.

Patricia Allen,  Mahoney's former mistress and campaign worker, was questioned by attorneys behind closed doors in Mahoney's divorce case this afternoon.  Allen of Hobe Sound spent about two hours being interviewed by lawyers for ex-Congressman Tim Mahoney and his estranged wife.

The woman who rocked Washington last fall when the news broke that she was Congressman Tim Mahoney's mistress showed up for a deposition in Stuart this afternoon but had no comment.

"Patricia Allen, can you talk with us about the affair you had with Tim Mahoney? No thank you. How do you feel about what happened to his career now?" we asked as she walked to her minivan following the deposition.

Patricia Allen was there to respond to questions from attorneys in the Mahoney divorce case. The event was not open to the news media.  But we got this video of Allen from outside the room, seated at a table with the lawyers.

Allen was at the heart of a scandal that broke last fall that cost U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney the election and his marriage.

According to media reports at the time, he had an affair with Allen and later paid her $121,000 in alleged hush money to keep quiet, when she threatened him with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

"Well I've had multiple affairs and um you know, you do something like that , it's stupid,"  Mahoney told Fox29 in an interview in October 2008.   He did not resign, but later lost the election.

Now months later, the attorney for Mahoney's wife says she feels Mahoney,  a millionaire, may be trying to hide some of his assets so the wife can't get her hands on them.

"Those are concerns that I have for my client.  At this point we have questions about several deposits and transfers and withdrawals that we can't identify accounts that they went to," said Karen Steger, the attorney for Mahoney's wife Terry.  She says they have a forensic accountant looking into that.

Tim Mahoney did not attend this afternoon's deposition in Stuart.

As far as the concerns that he may be trying to hide assets from his wife, we could not reach Mahoney's lawyer Joel Feldman of Boca Raton for comment.  He did not return a phone call.

The couple's divorce trial is set for early September.   According to Steger,  Mahoney is now doing consulting work.