Palm Beach County has first H1N1 death

By Chuck Weber email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-Palm Beach County has recorded its first death due to the H1N1 flu. The victim is a 25-year old woman who died at the end of June. She's the seventh in the state to die from H1N1.

Health Department spokesman Tim O'Connor says the woman had several health issues, but all stemmed from her flu. "We have confirmed she did have H1N1, swine flu, as the starter, with all the symptoms associated with it," said O'Conner.

"People should always be concerned," O'Conner continued. "They need to be aware this is still out there. And it's very unusual to be seeing this much flu in the summertime."

O'Connor points out while regular seasonal flu was responsible for the vast majority of flu cases in the County back in May, now about 85 percent of cases are H1N1.

Also surprising: among Florida H1N1 cases, by far the biggest group affected is people between ages five and 24-- people generally thought to have strong immune systems.

The Health Department says there are now 146 confirmed H1N1 cases in Palm Beach County. O'Conner says likely many more cases have gone undetected.