Socialite sentencing delayed

By Chuck Weber email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-A former Palm Beach socialite faced sentencing for tax and bankruptcy fraud on Friday. But Lin Gosman will have to wait to learn her fate.

Gosman arrived at Federal Courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach Friday morning, knowing she could receive between three and four years in prison at her sentencing hearing.

Gosman is the wife of former healthcare magnate Abe Gosman. Prosecutors say during Mr. Gosman's bankruptcy, Mrs. Gosman stashed cash and hid jewelry and valuables in a public storage unit, to keep from losing them in the bankruptcy. In April, Lin Gosman took a guilty plea.

Friday Mrs. Gosman's lawyers told Judge Kenneth Ryskamp their client is wiped out financially and has suffered an emotional break down. They asked that Gosman serve only a year of house arrest.

Although the couple is separated, Lin's husband, Abe, also addressed the judge on her behalf. He also asked for no prison time. At times he choked up reading his statement.

"Well the whole thing was emotional because it never should have happened," said Mr. Gosman after the hearing, referring to the bankruptcy that claimed his lavish Palm Beach home. "There never would be a case or a trial," he said. "We'd have the house."

As the hearing ran longer than three hours, Judge Ryskamp decided to resume proceedings in September.

"I'm disappointed," Mrs. Gosman said after the hearing. "You need it over with."

"We would have liked to have finished it today," said Gosman's lawyer Donald Bierman. "The stress on Mrs. Gosman is tremendous. But the government seems, and the bankruptcy people, seem to never stop."

Prosecutors declined comment, as is customary, with an open case.