One man saves two lives.

Posted by Tricia Dunn - email

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Not everyone can say they've saved a life, But Kirk Durham saved two in just one day! An 8 month old baby stabbed in the chest, and a man with three bullets in his chest.

First call. investigators say a mother, in a drug induced rage. Used pieces of glass to stab her 8 month old baby here and her 8 year old son, before trying to slice her own throat. she was screaming incoherently, she wasn't there. It wasn't her there. You could look at her face. It wasn't a human being.

First on the scene was Riviera Beach Fire Rescue Paramedic Kirk Durham. "Just seeing that little 8 month stabbed 3 times in chest, being myself a parent. It's difficult, you start to think about your family But there's no time to think."

Durham immediately takes control and calls for back up. Realizing the infants lung had collapsed, he and his partner rush that infant to the hospital and the doctor was able to insert a chest tube and the baby survived.

But no time for crews to breathe, there was a second call that night. Two people were reported shot, one man had three bullets lodged in his chest. Chances for survival? Not good. The victim was rushed straight to surgery and survived.

Two good reasons why Kirk Durham is the 'Paramedic of The Year' for Palm Beach County. It's a tough job. But the payoffs? A high that not many people get to experience.

"I think I was really meant for this job, I see it, I deal with it and try to move on." - Kirk Durham