Boundary Change Affects Palm Beach, Broward

By Al Pefley  email

Near Boca Raton, FL (WFLX)

Something is about to happen that hasn't happened in decade. Not in a century.

The southern border between Palm Beach County and Broward County is changing.

Palm Beach County is giving up about  2000 acres on its southern border near Lox Road..

And that land will soon be part of Broward County. There's not much out there, it's mostly rural.

When people drive down Lox Road, they see  a "Leaving Palm Beach County" sign.

Well part of this land, about 2000 acres, will soon be leaving Palm Beach County, and it will become part of Broward County.

And people like  one woman who runs a horse riding stable on Lox Road, are glad to see it happening.

"A few more homes and buildings would be nice out here," said January Magee of High Point Stables.

Right now her property is in Palm Beach County, but it will soon be turned over to Broward County due to the boundary change.  The area  that will soon become part of Broward County is a  wedge-shaped piece of land near Lox Road south of the Hillsboro Canal.

Magee says if it means more homes will be built and the area will be developed, she's in favor of that.

"It is a very quiet road. It would be nice to get some more people out here and perk up business and people find out where we're at finally," Magee said.

The area that's going to be turned over to Broward consists of riding stables, farms, a rock quarry, and a plant nursery.

The folks at the nursery say they're ready to become part of Broward.

"We've always been this wedge area out here that had no home," said Allison Ruytenbeek of  East Marsh Nursery.

East Marsh Nursery is actually in two counties, Palm Beach and Broward. But when the change goes through, the whole thing will be in Broward.

"We're really glad to be part of just one county. Because it's so inconvenient being in two counties. It's hard to get services, medical, emergency, postal," said Ruytenbeek.

According to Ruytenbeek and Magee,  the land is supposed to be turned over to Broward sometime in September, about a month and a half from now. They say it can't happen soon enough.

Magee says she's been told that her property taxes will increase slightly once the land is taken over by Broward.