Community recruits its own for hurricane help

By Chuck Weber email

WELLINGTON, FL (WFLX)-Here in the middle of hurricane season, one community is reaching out to make sure everyone is able to be prepared.

Several months ago, the Village of Wellington launched the Citizens Volunteer Organization, or CVO, which appears to be a unique as an entity sponsored by a local municipal government. The group's 140 members help with causes ranging from delivering holiday meals, to helping people avoid foreclosure.

This summer the volunteer group added hurricane help to its mission. "When we started doing our hurricane planning," explained Ivy Rosenberg, a department head with the Village, "we realized there's probably a lot of individuals that are alone that need help."

So far 12 people have come forward seeking help, mostly putting up and taking down shutters. Each of the 12 has already been paired with a volunteer family.

"I think it's a great idea," said Wellington homeowner Marion Hambrick. "I think it's probably needed in the area."

Hambrick said the neighbors on his street already do a good job of helping each other. "We've taken care of each other every storm that I've been through," said Hambrick. "Clean up each others yards, go to the stores. If needed, we have helped each other put the shutters up."

It's that spirit of neighbors pitching in, that the Village hopes to capitalize on. "We're really trying to unite neighbors, to help neighbors," said Rosenberg.