A shark tale

Posted by Tricia Dunn - email

MIAMI, FL (WFLX) - Miami residents found a five-foot long shark dead in the middle of the road Sunday night. Police are now looking for the men who did it, as they may face criminal charges.

On Sunday, a witnesses on a metro-mover train spotted a man riding with a shark attached to a fishing line, and reported the man to a security guard. Witness' say they say the animal was still bleeding and gasping for air.

The next night two men were spotted with the shark trying to sell it to at least three different restaurants for about ten dollars, but no one was interested in buying. Tuesday night the shark carcass was discovered in the middle of a Miami street.

Miami Fish and Wildlife are now looking into the case. If they determine this was a nurse shark, there will be no investigation but if it turns out to be endangered, criminal charges could be pressed.

One thing that is clear, wildlife experts say sharks can live up to twenty-four hours breathing out of the water. Certainly a shocking and painful end for this creature