Boca grad returns from African safari mission

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Chelsea Krost hosts her own talk show for teens, but she's more than just a radio host. She's also a high school graduate, philanthropist and journalist.

The Spanish River High School grad is just weeks away from starting her new life in New York. But before she makes the big move, her family went on a mission trip to Africa where they visited the people of the Masia Village.

Their lives are simple: building fires, homes and bravery. A tribal leader says the women build the homes. They use clay for the walls, and cow dung for the roof.

The children of the Masai Village go to school and know English very well. The children wait for food, but no one goes hungry here. It's a life we can't imagine in America. They have so little, but yet so much.

During Chelsea's tour of the Masai School, she noticed that in fifth grade, there were 28 girls. But by 8th grade, there was only one girl in the class. Many drop out because they miss so many days of school having their period. A simple supply of sanitary napkins would allow more women to stay in school. That's why Kotex donated hundreds of sanitary napkins that Chelsea's family delivered to the women throughout Masai and Niarobi.

Their mission continues with your help. For just $5, you can supply a women with sanitary napkins for a year. Donate online.