Mayor's Job Fair Attracts Crowd

By Al Pefley  email 

Riviera Beach, FL (WFLX)

Need a job? You might want to try the mayor's weekly job fair in Riviera Beach.

Each Thursday from noon 'til 2pm, the city puts on a job fair at various locations.

Today, it was in the clubhouse at Marsh Harbor, a gated neighborhood in Riviera Beach and dozens showed up.

Firms such as Marriott, Walgreens, and others are there to take applications and interview prospective employees.

"I just keep the faith. I always know its going to be all right. I am already set up for substitute teaching. That's what I did last year. So I have that going. So if I get the job it's okay, if I don't it's still okay because I'll be substituting," said Happy Powell, one of the job seekers.

Mayor Thomas Masters  told us because of these weekly job fairs, an estimated 250 people have found part-time or full-time jobs this summer.